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Portrait de NJERI NJAU



Agriculture research is very important in addressing food security issues and also enhancing participation of women, youth and disadvantaged groups. It is the basis of forecasting issues in food security thus providing tangible solutions. All aspects of agriculture thrive on demand driven research.

Research encompasses aspects such as policy, climate change, extension, technology, production, postharvest and marketing among others. In these, gender is a key component therefore research needs to be designed with a gender theme.

Output from research is highly likely to be succesful when gender issues are adressed because majority of the people implementing findings are women.

Scientists need to continually practice gender responsive research.

Women in Agriculture Research Rock!

Portrait de NJERI NJAU



Difficulty in access to credit facilities due to lack of security. Agriculture productivity is considered a high risk venture by many financiers especially for  women and youth because majority do not have assets which can act as security.

Limited innovations which would ease womens' and youth output at production level. Most of the work is manual and back breaking. This limits productivity potential for women and youth.

Mimimal knowledge on value addition aspects which have great potential for more income. Producers are forced to sell their produce at throw away prices due to the perishable nature.

Poor price bargaining skills. Brokers of fresh produce have a field day exploiting producers.


Women in Agriculture Research Rock!