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How could the ENABLE Youth initiative, be used to support gender equality?

It will be nice if the bank can assist by training women in the production of small solar panel and accessories that can be used in the production of solar dryers.

Several Agricultural produce goes to waste because of no storage facilities. Having a solar powered dryer in the rural areas will enable woman upscale their production because they know they can dry it up.

Women are mainly discourage from participating in agriculture because of the low income its fetch due to gluts during the production process.

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The bank can upscale women participation in agriculture by bringing to the rural areas some financial lending benefits that rural women can easily addressed using woman led organisation that understand the plight of women.

The rural areas have so many woman led agricultural programmes that requires upscaling.

Agricultural equipments can be fabricated for the use of the women group to increase their productivity.

Financially empowering a woman amounts to empowering the family.

Most women in agriculture in Africa lack access to funds to upscale production.

Little processing material like 

Solar dryers



Etc are required to see increase in agric productivity.

Most banks rarely consider women in whatever they do. The finance are concentrated on men

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In response to question about successful initiatives, I would not be wrong if I say that as a farmer and a farmer trainer that work with over 500 farmers among which 40 are female, I have not felt or heard of the genderinpractise CoP, nor the AFDB nor their work in our own part of the universe called Nigeria.

Yes. We know there is AFDB and our former minister of agriculture in the person of Dr Akinwumi Adeshina is the president.

The main point for us is how and in what way can our farmers' group that toil and work to produce every day be assisted with appropriate tools and techniques in the farm.

Our farmers group can be found on www.facebook.com/entrepreneuryouthmultipurposecooperative


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The implication of the gender gap is that women are excluded in the majority of the agricultural research and projects that are laid out to improve agriculture.

  • Talking of tools and equipment
  • Financial supports
  • Incubation centres
  • Training and technological knowledge impact
  • Social welfare etc
  • Network support 

Majority of what is done here is provided for men and not women because its generally believed that women are not in agriculture. 



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Gender gap in Agriculture occurs because it's generally believed that men are the ones involved in agriculture.

Right from ages in Africa, agriculture is a man's foray. Women only stay at home to prepare food for the family.

Our fathers' also take women to farm only when they want to harvest. Or when they need extra hand in the farm to carry load.

The gender gap has been there for years.

But gradually women have started to become the bread winners of the family and playing more than supportive role.  

Women are now having their own farm, they do the main farming work, shelling, processing etc. But the old methods and general belief that men are the ones who work in agriculture never ceize.