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As for Malawi, the problem lies in the education sector. i do not think  gender desparities are as high as they used to be in the past,they  can be closed though at a slow pace. If the girls are given the oppurtunity to education so that they can compete with men. this would make them more competetive and more empowered and provide for a long term solution. As for the current gender status in Agriculture, the main problem is the decision making power at household level. if the man in house has access to loans while the woman does not have, due to cultural reasons or any other reason , But  if the decision around accessing the loan and its us is jointly made then gender gap may have less negative impact.For access to loans in the contex of rural Malawi , i do not think women are denied access but there are factor that limits access bility, which include knowledge (education), extra responsibilities in the household, transport cost,self empowerement and many others. so working around these factors would cetainly reduce the gender gap.