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Gender gap has greatly affected agricultural productivity. Agriculture is the only means through which feeding is assured. 

It is well known that women especially in less developed countries are farmers. However, they are the least beneficiaries of farming and agriculture at large. Agricultural research has a huge role to play in bridging the gender gap. How about innovative research that are human friendly? A lot of times I have thought in the area of product development of farm produce. This is more woman friendly and greatly obtainable in the area of value added products. A boost in agricultural research in this area will go a good length in bridging this gap. Newly developed research methodologies in formulation of value added products such as confectioneries can be thought to women to help foster their finances. Thus agricultural research in certain areas that are women friendly is a good stride towards bridging this gap.



The gender gap in agricultural productivity occurs because in under developed countries, women are naturally marginalised. We all need to stand up and take steps to avert this.