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There are several institutions that offer financial assistance to agriculture. Men benefit quite alot because most have collateral that they use to access such resource. However, very few women have collateral to be able to access such finances.

Institutions need to make financial access to women more easier such as funding women groups. This has been happening but needs to be more upscaled. In return, women need to appreciate such initiatives and be educated on how to take advantage and utilization of such opportunities.

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Women have been actively involved in agricultural production but on the lower levels of cultivation which involve alot of labour work. In many cases, they are not involved in marketing of agricultural produce. This is due to some factors such as:

i. Lack of enough knowledge on accessing the markets

This is caused by lack of education and people to pass on important knowledge in the rural areas.

ii. Wrong mindset

There has been wrong mindset in our cultures that women cannot carry out more technical jobs and therefore the few who try get discouraged.

iii. Women need to be more pro-active

I feel as Women we have not been more pro-active and more so in the agricultural sector. We need to forge forward despite the challenges that could be experienced on the way. Nothing comes easily.

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The result for the gender gap that exists in agriculture for women is malnutrition and lack of development. Women are a key factor for the development of any society. They are backborne for families. If they are not supported to bridge the gender gap that exists in agriculture, food insecurity is bound to continue in most of the African Countries. However, if they  are supported in the areas that they are inadequate, then there will be good fruits and development will be realized.

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Women have always played a great role in agriculture but there rarely benefit from the efforts they put. The main reason is because most of them do not have access to resources and more so financial. Althouth there are institutions that can support them, some are not aware. Awareness need to be created esspecially in rural areas and accessing such resources made easier.

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The challenge with women fairly benefiting from the effort they put in agriculture is lack of enough resources. Women are hardworking but a big percentage do not have access to the necessary resources, either because their husbands do not give them a chance to exlore opportunities or they are not informed on where they can get help from. There are various financial institutions that can offer financial support to women. Women need to be empowered and made aware of such opportunities and ways of accessing them. Another challenge that faces the agrcultural sector and active involvement or facilitation is the priority it is given. For instance in Kenya, if the county governements would be able to create budgets to support women in agriculture, then there would be less cases of food insecurity in the country. Our governments need to give agriculture the priority it deserves!