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Good evening sisters, this is your time and your momentum to come forward with the wisdom bestowed in each one of you to help address our food and nutrition challenges in Africa... For the last 15 to 35 years in Development, women contribution to such food and nutrition have always been bold albeit undocumented in terms of net contribution to overall productivity gains. Now new metrics and M&E techniques have emerged to better help in aggregate data traceability, it becomes OBVIOUS that indeed following our Mali experiments, and likely within its surrounding 7 frontiered'countries, women with same access to land, technology, financial services, education and markets as men, is sought to boosting agricultural production above 30% whilst better addressing nutrition issues at home. I'm a true believer of such perspectives in a sense they have been the missing pieces of the whole development rhetoric of the lost decades of development in the 60s 70s...

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"The gender gap not something that suddenly happens to men and women but rather something they are induced into right from birth, socialize into and grow up with!" meaning that to undo it there must be some outreach and communication conducted in a way that can instill new paradigm shift on the premise of a better outcome in the scale of inclusive growth.