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Awareness campaigns

On the role that culture plays in widening the gender gap at grassroots level,where the custodians of culture has proven to help. I know of a case on access to land for farmers where awareness campaigns on how some cultural beliefs that hinder women's access to land for farming keep them affects their right to food has worked out. On the other hand empowering women with knowledge on how they can speak out against such cultural beliefs, advocating for them to be included in decision making structures so that they can participate in decision making and also empowering them with skills that will enable them to stand on their own or contribute to the income streams at household level have also proved to be working out. 

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Some cultural beliefs also enhance this gender gap becuse they place limits on what women can/cannot do and the same for men.  the implications of the gender gap especially for women in subsistence agriculture is that they would resist change since they are bound by culture, thus business as usual will reign in such circumstances. Agriculture research will bridge this gap by facilitating information sharing on the linkage between culture  and gender gaps and why we need the gaps filled in order to enhance agricultural productivity. New information will also help the subsistence farmers to think beyond subsistence and begin to embrace other opportunities that agriculture brings such as farming as a business.