The Gender and Managing for Development Results report is a document reporting on the AfCoP « Gender for results » (G4R) Thematic Group event held from August 24 to 26, 2016 in Grand Bassam, Côte d’Ivoire. G4R group is one of three thematic groups established by the African Community of Practice on Managing for Development Results (AfCoP-MfDR) project funded by the African Development Bank to support the « Africa for Results » initiative (AfriK4R). The two other groups being Y4R (youth for results) and NR4R (natural resources for results), G4R has the particularity to focus on gender issues by seeking solutions through MfDR principles and tools to contribute to gender mainstreaming in the African countries development agenda. 36 women leaders from 25 different nationalities and approximately 11 AfDB/AfCoP staff members participated in this event. They could build their capacity in MfDR in the context of gender, discuss gender equality and social inclusion and undertaking of activities within AfriK4R and also, benefit from individual networking opportunities offered to G4R members with funding organizations (UN-Women, European Union, African Development Bank and African Women Development Fund). To this end, two manuals were developed for this workshop: one generic on MfDR that bring readers through the general MfDR process and its related tools, and a second “Gender and MfDR Manual” which provides few examples of results to be achieved for gender equality improvement. Concept Note of the event Afrik4R Website