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The Gender in Practice Community of Practice (GiP CoP) Following the adoption of the Bank’s Gender Strategy, a cadre of 85 Gender Focal Points (GFPs) was established to support the implementation of the Gender Strategy, specifically to ensure that gender equality is 

  1. integrated into the Bank’s normal operational business processes and;
  2. appropriately addressed in the Bank’s projects, CSPs and RISPs. GFPs also advise Directors/Heads of Unit on actions to create a gender-friendly environment within the Bank.

The GiP CoP operates as a “community of commitments”, formed around the shared commitments that GFPs have expressed to advance gender equality in the Bank. The GiP CoP serves as a virtual learning platform, convener and an integrator of knowledge among GFPs and gender experts. It provides a space for GFPs, gender specialists, and selected staff to meet and exchange about how to effectively integrate gender mainstreaming in their work and promote gender equality in their professional and personal lives.

The GiP CoP intends to become a One-Stop-Shop for GFPs and other staff working towards the implementation of the Bank’s Gender Strategy. It will enable all its members to access information that will make them more successful in the exercise of their functions; whilst facilitating collaboration and networking, information sharing and face to face events tailored for its members. The experiences and lessons gathered from the GiP CoP will be collated and published into short knowledge pieces for dissemination.

To learn more about the GiP CoP, view our brochure and our GiP CoP FAQs