Tue, 08/08/2017

The research project, ‘Exploring Factors that Enhance and restrict Women’s Empowerment through Electrification’ (EFEWEE) is supported by DFID and ENERGIA. It aims to examine the factors that enhance or restrict women's opportunities and empowerment through electrification both as users and as actors in electricity provision and will recommend policies, strategies and project design for enhancing women's empowerment.

So far the project has conducted fieldwork in Kenya, India and Nepal. 

EFEWEE is organising a webinar in September to share information from literature review and findings from fieldwork in these countries. 

The date and title of the webinar are yet to be finalised but please, find below a tentative agenda. 
Duration : 1.5 to 2 hours 12.00 hrs CET - 13.30 hrs CET


  Introduction to the Webinar (5 minutes)
  1st Presentation (~20 minutes) - About EFEWEE project and the Research
  Framework (How empowerment is measured) - Dr Tanja Winther
  2nd Presentation (~20 minutes) - Results/findings from India and Kenya
  cases - Dr G Mini and Dr Tanja Winther/Ms Anjali Saini/Dr Kirsten Ulsrud
  3rd Presentation (~20 minutes) - African Development Bank
  Question & answers (30 minutes)